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How to play video poker

Video poker is a form of a common poker. Essentially, it can be thought of as a version of five-card draw poker, in which the user has no opponents and the aim of the game is to obtain one of the poker combinations.

However, slot machines can also be inspired by poker. So how are these slot machines different from video poker?

Video Poker in Casinos

Video poker is really a game of poker, not an imitation.

The slot machine has no control over the outcome of the simulated poker hand. Combinations are formed randomly on the screen and then paid according to the table. The player cannot make them up himself.

In video poker the client receives cards and has the right to change any number of cards up to five. Thus, he is directly involved in the gameplay, and his decisions affect the outcome of each individual deal and the overall result in the long run.

Consequently, in video poker, the player’s skill comes to the fore, and in video slot everything (sometimes almost everything) remains in the hands of fortune.

Therefore, nothing is required from the client in slot machines, while in video poker one has to act according to the recommendations of the optimum strategy.

RTP in Video Poker

Also, videopoker can be much more profitable for the client than video slots. For instance, in some models you can achieve a mathematical advantage over the casino, which is never the case with slot machines. Of course, the advantage would be small (usually a few tenths of a percent), and it appears only in the long run and only if you make the right decisions.

In other words, if you choose the most profitable videopoker and play it correctly, you can achieve, for example, a theoretical return of 100.3%.

In a slot machine, however, you can expect, at very best, a 98% return. Video slots rarely give more than that.

That’s why professionals usually prefer video pokers to slot machines.

Gameplay in video poker

So, let’s look briefly at the main stages of the gameplay.

  • Choice of denomination gaming coins. The range is set by the administration of the casino.
  • Choice of size bets in coins. In the vast majority of models (except for some of the original varieties) rate can be from one to five coins. In many versions of the game at a rate of five coins large combinations are paid at inflated rates.
  • Choice of number of hands. Some models allow you to play more than one hand.
  • Deal the cards. When you place a bet, you press the corresponding button and receive five cards.
  • Card Swap. The player is allowed to swap from one to five cards for free.
  • Paying the combination. If a winning combination is formed, it is paid according to the odds table.
  • Risky game of chance. If this video poker offers the opportunity, you can try to increase the payout in the round of doubling. Usually, you’ll need to find a dealer’s card higher than the dealer’s one in the dealt cards.

That’s it, the hand is over and you can move on to the next round.

How video poker works

We’ve understood what video pokers are from the outside, and now we can move on to getting to know its structure.

All kinds of videopoker operate on the basis of a Random Number Generator, so offline and online models differ only in the presence or absence of a physical shell, payment methods, and some other aspects that don’t change the main point.

Types of video poker

Video poker machines can be divided into 2 types according to their visual appearance:

  • Imitates the game in a real establishment against a dealer. Usually made in a “from the visitor’s face” format. Cards are dealt in the centre of the cloth, with betting slots signed beside them.
  • Slot machine. Appears similar to a casino slot. Cards are also displayed in the centre, and the edges of the window are buttons or levers to control. There is no dealer, payouts are determined automatically by the odds table.
  • One-armed bandit. A classic slot with rotating reels, divided into sectors-cards. The combination is drawn at random. The stronger it is, the bigger the prize.

Most often the five-card Draw with an exchange is offered. At the table machine you usually play a variety of Hold’em and Stud variations: Caribbean, Pirate, Double, Reverse and so on.

The rules of the machines are very variable. The number of cards and exchanges, bonuses for strong hands or ready combinations, rounds with increasing winnings and other parameters differ.

Most modern machines are developed on HTML5. Older variants on the Flash player are often found on the internet. However, it is not supported by current browsers in 2022 because it is not secure.