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Through comprehensive analysis our team selects the best casinos. When playing on such sites gamblers can be sure of fair play and stable withdrawal of winnings. At the beginning of this rather large article the main criteria for forming the rating of the best online casinos are presented.

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Newcomers often make mistakes when choosing a gaming site. When familiar with the features of online casinos from the lists, it is much easier to choose the best option. When compiling a rating of casinos, we check the following points:

  • availability of a license – when playing on licensed gaming resources, users do not face a denial of payment of winnings;
  • reliable slot machine providers – serious gambling clubs cooperate with the leading developers of entertainment software;
  • good reputation – the study of player reviews to form a complete opinion about the casino: the timing of payments, the returns slots and other important aspects;
  • ease of making a deposit and withdrawal – the number of payment systems, limits on deposits and withdrawals, the need for verification of the profile to withdraw the money won
  • attractiveness of the bonus program – evaluation of bonuses for new and regular clients, conditions of bonus issue and wagering;
  • quality of technical support – the availability of competent support service is a mandatory criterion for inclusion in the rating.

A review that we make is a short (sometimes is not that short) post that deals with the main parameters of the particular casino. These are its functionality, slot machines, license and stuff. Our website contains reviews of the best online casinos on the web. With their help, you can decide on a gambling establishment without having to check the information about it manually.

What information is presented in our reviews

The site presents the best online casinos across the globe. Small posts are written about them, considering the main parameters of the casino that are important for players. So, what information about the casino is in the review?

  • Availability of licenses. We write about what permits and certificates this or that institution uses. Only those sites that cooperate with reputable regulators get into the review.
  • The range of entertainment and providers. The reviews describe what kind of software the online casino uses, as well as the varieties of games available to gamblers.
  • Payment transactions. In the review of institutions that work without fraud, consider the payment systems supported by the site.
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds. We’ll tell you how long it takes to withdraw winnings, as well as what is the minimum amount available to deposit.
  • Technical support. The review describes how you can contact the administration of a gambling establishment to solve various problems.

The choice of a gambling establishment should be approached wisely, so as not to run into fraudsters. Since the game in them is played for real money. Reviews of online casinos can save time gamblers. After all, they describe all the important information.

At the top of the site is a table with the best casinos, which are included in the ratings of various gambling publications. Familiarizing yourself with them, you can choose a reliable and honest gambling site.


Promotions are an indispensable part of the work of a loyal operator interested in attracting and retaining customers. Bonus offers allow you to start playing with less money and come in a variety of formats. Here are the most common ones:

  • 01


    freespinsA customer gets a limited number of free games. You can scroll through them on one or more of the machines listed in the promotion terms and conditions. The game is played according to the rules set by the provider. The slot retains the prize features, symbols, payout ratios. There are several restrictions on spins:

    This bonus offer differs from the freespins laid down by the manufacturer in the gameplay of slots, because the user can withdraw his winnings. Before this, you need to meet a few conditions. The player must spend in the casino a certain amount. It is calculated based on the total amount of money received for the entire series of spins, with a fixed multiplier – the wager. Free spins are given for registering on the site, funding the game account and other actions. Read more here.

  • 02

    Deposit bonus

    Welcome Bonuses in CasinosThis variety has strict conditions for obtaining: the user must replenish his account with the amount established by the terms of the promotion. For this, he receives additional money, which can be used for betting. Most often it is a percentage of the deposit. As in the case of freespins, charging to the account needs wagering with a specified wager. Betting can be done within fixed limits.

  • 03

    No-deposit bonuses

    No Deposit Bonuses in CasinosThis is the top casino bonuses, which are issued without deposit. This type of incentives in the gaming community is considered the most profitable. You can count on it in exchange for performing actions: for registration, attracting new customers, as a gift for a birthday or other holidays. Read more in this article.

Promotions are divided into temporary and permanent in duration. The former is relevant for a limited period, and the latter are available at any time. The bonus policy of many operators includes offers for high rollers. Customers who play at higher stakes can receive additional rewards. Most sites provide players with gifts associated with specific dates: calendar holidays, the anniversary of the site or user registration. If a regular visitor stops coming to the platform, he can get a personalized offer from the operator.

There are bonuses that are given on the fact of making a deposit in a certain way. The player receives an additional amount by depositing through the specified electronic payment system. Detailed conditions of promotions are described in the casino cashier or in the news section. Withdraw the winnings will have to the same way. Many operators return to customers a part of the lost money. Cashback is often included in the loyalty programme; its size depends on the level of the user.

It’s possible to become the owner of the bonus as part of the referral program. The client is rewarded for new players who have opened an account at his invitation. The bonus, as a rule, is due for the first deposit made by the attracted user. Promotions differ in the activation principle. Often the player is required to enter a bonus code. Some offers are activated automatically, while others require a request to tech support or include them in your personal cabinet. To attract customers, casinos also use other formats of promotions:

  • This is a promotion with a large prize pool. Drawing takes place on a set date, the winner is determined by chance.
  • Collective competitions are held on slot machines.
  • Prizes for certain achievements. Users are awarded with equipment, vouchers, certificates for purchases in affiliate stores and so on.

Before the withdrawal of winnings, the client will need to undergo a verification procedure. To verify identity, scans of documents, utility receipts, and bank cards are used. This is the way the operators fight with the bonus hunters – users who violate the rules of promotions and make several accounts for multiple access to promotions.


Winning at the casino is real. And do not believe those people who say it is a myth. Most likely, they have never even tried a slot machine. The reality is that if the casino had never tried it before, it would not have been worth it. Judge for yourself, if online casinos didn’t allow you to raise the bank, would the number of players be measured in hundreds of thousands?Another thing, the process of the game. It hides the main nuances, which subsequently give rise to rumors and negative reviews about this kind of gambling.

Before you start playing online casinos for real money, take advantage of the free offer and test the slot machines in demo mode. Even 5 minutes will be enough for you to have a picture of the game. If you’re happy with everything, complete the registration procedure, fund your account and go. When replenishing your account, pay attention to a few nuances, they automatically go to the next point.

It’s not recommended to make the first payment as minimal as possible. Firstly, the bonus in the casino directly depends on the amount of the deposit. Secondly, the casino algorithms are set up so that if you deposit $50, you cannot expect to win more than a couple hundred dollars. Often new players casino gives the opportunity to increase the deposit during the game by several times.

Conclusion: if you set up for the budget version of the game, make your first deposit of at least $100-200.

Beginning the game, decide on the amount of loss, and then stop. Of course, every player has a goal to win. But not always it turns out, otherwise the casino would simply go bankrupt. So, before your first spin, set yourself a limit. Let’s say you are willing to lose $200 today. Reaching this threshold, stop the game. Don’t try to win back. This is the main mistake that most players make. Once a player winds up and without a second thought begins to lose the bank, trying to win back, in 80-90% of cases, he remains in the loser.


New online casinos open daily, a huge number of virtual sites and advertising, it is difficult for beginners to select a quality and honest institution. How to choose the best? You have to pay attention to the subtleties.

To protect yourself from risk, you need to choose a proven and reliable online casino. For a proper choice of an honest online casino, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • License is the only guarantee that you will win and avoid leakage of your own confidential data. The list includes those platforms that have a license for the year 2022. Generally, the permission is issued by Curacao, UK and other reputable regulators.
  • Active audience. Undoubtedly, users’ feedback plays an important role, more specifically, it is reviews, which contain information about the solvency of the gaming site. Opinions of regular players, helped to make the right choice. Regulators, issuing licenses, take into account the reputation of gambling on the Internet.
  • Illegal software, outdated video games. The list doesn’t include sites with slots that are not supported by the developer, and where technical support does not give an exact answer how legal the current software is. The pursued goal is to save newcomers and advanced users from fraud and loss of money.
  • The accessibility of the platform. If you think that the use of VPN and mirrors will not affect, it is a mistake. A high percentage of cases are recorded, there are problems during the calculation, it is necessary to specify valid data, if the casino reveals a violation of the rules, the withdrawal of winnings will be frozen. We go for the safety and pure pleasure.
  • User interface. Sorting by name, by type, alphabetical output, so that the user found the game quickly and easily. People are overwhelmed by daily worries, so going to the site of the institution, they want a quick and good rest. We remember that behind a tempting offer and an attractive picture, there must be high-quality service. Round-the-clock operator support perfectly complements the user-friendly interface.
  • Responsible gaming. The word “honesty” among casinos means that the institution is responsible for the players. Therefore, the site has numbers and links to specialists who are engaged in the treatment of psychological addiction.
  • Bonus offers. To keep the user from getting bored, all sorts of auction programs, tournaments, no deposit bonuses have been created. The playground receives positive feedback from players for the opportunities provided, and players enjoy the privileges and have fun.

Three criteria that make it easy to tell if a site is genuine:

  • Low quality slot machine previews. If all the images look cheap and have poor resolution – the best solution is to leave the web page. Fraudsters cannot copy the original homepage and all sections 100%, the same goes for game previews, which hackers do not have access to. Therefore, the pictures look smudged. This is evidenced by the slots, which are loaded longer than 20-30 seconds;
  • There is no section with the terms and conditions. Casino, which values its reputation, automatically familiarizes the visitor with the terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy and other rules even before registration. If the player does not have time to read all the provisions, a tab with documentation is published at the bottom of the main page. There the user can also read the certification. Fraudulent sites operate illegally, accordingly, the visitor will not find blocks with documentation and rules in the footer of the home page;
  • Scammed reviews. Professional players are already accustomed to not trusting reviews that lack interpretative information about the casino and payout rate. Therefore, it is necessary to read comments and opinions on several review sites as well as forums. In this way, a player will be able to understand whether it is worth playing for money on the chosen site.


The most popular type of gambling entertainment at online casinos is video slots. They attract the most attention of customers and bring the sites 70% of the profits. There are several common myths concerning online slot machines. For example, that the probability of winning in them is more or less than in the usual.

Most online slots use the usual players drums that display the results of the spin on the screen. Each of them contains a number of symbols that fall in random order, generated by a special algorithm. If the row, line or other conditions are matched, the user receives a cash prize. There are several types of slots, depending on the number of reels used in the game. They can depict different symbols and signs, variants are different, depending on the theme.

Return to Player (RTP) is an acronym that appears in every online slot and represents both the payout percentage and the casino’s bottom line. Often the RTP popular slots does not fall below 95% – this suggests that during a long period of the game the casino customer will get exactly 95% of all bets, and the casino itself will be 5%. In second place in popularity are card and table games – blackjack, poker, roulette and the like.

  • 01



    These days, blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games in the world and a multi-billion-dollar market for casinos. It is the best game for players who use legal strategies and seek to combine luck with mathematical calculation, while at the same time it still provides excellent overall profits for gambling houses. Its simplicity and the need to know only a few important rules give everyone the opportunity to step up to the table and start playing in just a few minutes of observation and learning.

    Similar to poker, blackjack is quickly becoming a true sport with a devoted army of fans and the potential for millions in profits. Oddly enough, it can be played against each other. This is possible in a tournament format, where the winner is determined based on the number of chips at the end of the game, or in an elimination game.

    Blackjack is every gambler’s dream: it is a game in which you can win if you have enough desire and skill. The fact that most players end up losing does not discourage them at all. It is the prospect of getting rich quick that has helped blackjack flourish and develop over the years, hand in hand with momentous events in human history and the desire for a little risk inherent in any society.

  • 02



    Poker is the most popular card game in the world along with blackjack. Some call it a gambling game, others call it an intellectual sport. But every poker player dreams at least once in his life to collect the royal flush – the highest combination of poker, which guarantees the victory.

    There are hundreds of different variations of poker – different types require different abilities from the player – somewhere more logic, somewhere mathematics, mental equilibrium, and so on. In addition, different names of this game of chance can be very different luck factor. This means that in some games, even beginners have a good chance to win, while others are often winning it professionals.

    In the presented in our rating casino you will find not only Hold’em, but also more rare types of poker.

  • 03



    Roulette is perhaps one of the most popular and favorite gambling games of our time in online casinos. No online casino today can do without roulette.

    Despite the passage of many years since the creation of roulette, its rules and appearance has not changed. Roulette consists of 2 parts: a wheel and a playing field for betting. In the wheel, there are cells of red and black colors alternately (18 red and 18 black). The cells are numbered from 1 to 36 but not in order, and there is a cell of green color with the number “0” – zero. The American roulette has a second green double-zero cell – “00”. The playing field contains all the numbers and is divided into sectors and serves for betting.

    After the bets are placed, the roulette wheel starts spinning and the ball rushes to the opposite side of the roulette wheel rotation. The ball must fly at least three full turns around the roulette wheel and after that it falls into one of the cells – based on the number the money is paid or not paid out.


The rapid development of information technology has led to the fact that nowadays many people have access to the Internet. The global network itself continues to develop and offers more and more opportunities. Therefore, much is transferred to the Internet, including the gambling industry. Modern online casinos have a number of benefits:

  • Convenience and accessibility. No matter what city the gambler lives in, to be able to play gambling he needs only access to the Internet.
  • A wide range of gambling entertainment. In modern Internet casinos may be about 1 – 2 thousand gambling games or even more. Almost no land-based casino is not able to offer such a large variety.
  • Mobile version. Most online gambling clubs have mobile versions, so you can run them from your mobile devices.
  • Free play. Almost all casinos allow you to play slot machines for free, thereby testing them without risk to your own wallet.

The presence of all these advantages makes online casinos a very popular solution these days.


Not all payment methods are accepted by all casinos. The best real money casinos accept different payment methods to make it more convenient for players. The most popular payment methods at casinos are debit and credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, phone payments, and cryptocurrency. Some payment methods are not available to markets; for example, starting in early 2020, players from the United Kingdom playing in British casinos cannot use credit cards to fund their casino accounts. Other methods, including debit cards, are allowed.

Very rarely, casinos may impose a fee for using a certain payment method, which will be specified in the general terms and conditions. On the other hand, some payment providers will charge a fee if their services are used to deposit into a casino account; so, check the terms and conditions of both the casino and the payment provider. The most popular methods for deposits are Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Neteller, and cryptocurrencies. For example, Indian players very often use Paytm payment system for online casino deposits. The best online casinos accept popular currencies including EUR, CAD, NZD, USD and GBP.

Finally, here are the most common questions from users. So that you don’t have to scour the Internet for answers, you can find them here. The list will be gradually extended.


What is the rating of the casino?

There are a large number of online casinos on the Internet. Each of them differs in the number of providers and games, the rate of payment of winnings, loyalty to players and many other factors. Independently compare each casino is quite difficult. In addition, quite often there are dishonest online casinos. To facilitate the search and selection of online casinos for regular games, thematic websites make a list of institutions based on certain characteristics. Naturally, each casino is assigned its own rating, which shows how much the casino meets the ideal.

How to choose a honest online casino?

The easiest option is to use the rating of online casinos on our website. These casinos have been evaluated on many parameters, including testing on personal experience. Therefore, we can say that the casinos in our rating are honest and reliable.

How to choose a casino with a good return?

Parameters determining the quality and reliability of online casinos is a large number, so the beginner very difficult to choose a good game club on their own. We recommend to use the rating of casinos on our website. It lists the best casinos, which have a high score on many criteria. But if you decide to find your own online casino, you must evaluate at a minimum: the existence of a license, quantity and quality of software, tech support, speed of payments, bonus policy and feedback from real players.

Are real money bets safe?

Yes, because strict adherence to the rules is guaranteed. All players are protected by applicable law.

How are VIP-clients of online casinos encouraged?

They are offered personal bonuses, generous birthday gifts, increased comp point accrual and exchange rates, impressive cashback, personal manager services, access to private tournaments and promotions, as well as many other privileges.

Is it necessary to verify the account?

Yes, it is a mandatory requirement of casino regulators. Without it, all financial transactions will be unavailable, at least withdrawals.

Is it safe to trust the casino with personal information?

Yes, because the multi-level security system and data encryption will exclude cases of fishing and other illegal activities.