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Casino Table Games

Types of table games and their differences

Each software model is unique and unusual in its own way, yet most games can still be classified by highlighting their common fundamental features. The most common types of board games can be considered:

  • Sic Bo. This game is characterised by a large number of stakes. There is a large playing field, on the layout of which the bet is set. In general, games of this type can be considered a traditional oriental pastime. In this gambling table game, there is no place for thoughtless decisions: on what strategy you choose, will depend on your winnings. Returns here can range from 97% or more.
  • Mixed type games. This category consists of games that have no counterparts on the market yet, thanks to their original design and gameplay mechanics. Often, this category includes games by individual developers who can be called industry innovators, because they have created such an interesting and popular product. These games combine features of several genres, so you can’t put them in the same category.
  • Keno. These are lottery games in which there is a certain number of numbered balls, each round of this total number is selected a few winning numbers. If the player bets correctly, they win a prize. Today, the variety of lotteries of this type knows no bounds: depending on the game you choose, you could be transported to a spaceship or a jungle.

What are the different types of casino card games?

The range of entertainment includes more than 10 disciplines. The most popular ones are briefly listed below.


The discipline comes in several types, but the essence is the same. The player’s task comes down to putting together the highest combination. There are ten of them in total.


In slots, a man plays against the computer. He gets a starting hand, swaps the unwanted cards for new ones, and collects combinations. Depending on their value, payments are due.


The player’s goal is to accumulate a combination that gives a total of 9 points or as close to that number as possible.


The home of the discipline is thought to be Italy. The game of Thirty-One was popular there in the 15th century. It was the progenitor of Blackjack. The goal here is to beat the dealer and collect the pot. To do this, you need to score as many points as possible within 21. If you go over the limit, the bet will be a loser.

Advantages of card games

Casino customers choose card entertainment because of the benefits:

  1. Development of logical thinking. In the process, it is necessary not only to rely on luck, but also to make informed decisions. Mathematical strategies can be applied to win. Many of them are based on counting and memorizing combinations.
  2. Profitability. Casino advantage is usually lower than in the slots.
  3. Simplicity. The rules of most disciplines can be understood in a few games.

If the user has not previously had to play cards in online casinos, it is better to try to do it in demo mode. In it, bets are placed on virtual coins, so no real investment is needed.