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Slots in Online Casino

In online machines random numbers are generated using special algorithms, which eliminates the possibility of fraud and human intervention. Whereas a mechanical machine could be knocked on or influenced in some other physical way, here the system is secure, provided that the slot is created by a trusted supplier. Microgaming, NetEnt or Playtech, for example.

Winning conditions

Most online slots use the usual reels that players are accustomed to, which display the results of a spin on the screen. Each of them contains a number of symbols, which fall out in random order, generated by a special algorithm. If a row, line or other condition is matched, the user receives a cash prize. There are several types of slots, depending on the number of reels used in the game.

They may depict different symbols and signs; variations occur depending on the theme. In the Fruits N Stars slot, for example, these are images of fruit. The amount of winnings depends on the size of the bet and the number of lines in a particular machine, as you can read in the casino rules. Also, online slots, unlike its mechanical predecessors, got extra features: Wild symbols, Scatter, free spins, bonus rounds.

RTP in online slots

Return to Player (RTP) is a term which is written into every online slot and represents the percentage of the money returned to the player, as well as the casino’s bottom line. Often the RTP of popular slots doesn’t fall below 95% – this means that over a long period of time the casino client will receive exactly 95% of all bets, and the casino itself is 5%.

Payout percentage is regulated by law in many jurisdictions, which means the developers have no right to underestimate figures. All gaming operations in this case are not fixed on casino servers, but at the software provider, so it is impossible to change RTP of slot. Activities of software companies are strictly controlled by the regulatory authorities.

The variance or volatility of slots is a measure of regularity and size of winnings. It is divided into three main types.

  • Low volatility indicates that prize money can be obtained quite often, but the amount will be small.
  • Medium volatility indicates the relative balance between the frequency of winnings and the size of the cash prize.
  • High volatility is characteristic of those slot machines where winning is quite rare, but the prize amount reaches large figures.

It’s important to remember that all online slots in virtual casinos should have an exact payout percentage specified for the player.

How winning symbols are determined

As for the system used to determine the falling out in a particular spin, the principle of fair randomness applies here. Randomizer generates thousands of numbers every second and it’s impossible to predict or calculate the outcome.

The random number generator doesn’t know if you’ve been playing for a long time, or if this is your first bet or your last, or if a new user has joined or if the same person keeps trying – it’s all the same for the RNG.

Mathematical algorithms are used to form all combinations. No logical matching principles are used in the operation of the RNG, and the options for possible combinations are enormous. When a slot machine is run, the algorithm forms a series of random numbers that determine the final combinations of symbols that show up. This rule also applies in the bonus modes. The RNG doesn’t allow you to calculate the outcome, but it guarantees safety in terms of fairness of the game.

How jackpots are formed

The amount of winnings in an online slot depends not only on the bet and RTP, but also on the type of jackpot provided for a particular slot machine.

  • Fixed prize amounts are prescribed in the rules ahead of time and don’t depend on the number of bets that players have made on that slot. Usually, the size of the cash prize is regulated by the provider. If no one is lucky enough to win, the winnings are automatically carried over to the next game.
  • This type of jackpot is formed by the percentage of bets made by all players in the slot. It may be a chain type, when the interest is deducted from all the slots in different casinos, or local one, where the jackpot is based on bets placed in a single casino or chain. Network cash prizes are the most attractive because of their size.