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The best online casinos are the top gambling sites for money, which have games from popular providers, as well as fast withdrawals and generous bonuses. The team presents its top, based on reviews from real players. The online casino industry is constantly changing, there are new bonuses, promotions, slot machines and tournaments. The variety of online casinos can be difficult for a newcomer to understand. Special ratings and tops of the best online casinos are created to make it easier to find sites to play.

The casinos that make the list are licensed, which means that they operate fairly. If a casino has made it to the top, players can rest assured that the on the slots are fair. In addition, all winnings are paid in full. Note that the rankings may differ from one platform to another. Some brands may not be on the list at all.

How to make a list of the top online casinos

In 2022, there are more than 4,000 casino sites targeting CIS and European users. Among them, there are many scripted platforms, but there are also licensed casinos -they are the ones that make it into the top 10 casinos. So, how the ranking is done:

  1. The licence is checked. Good online casinos get their gambling authorisation from a reputable regulator. These include Curacao eGaming, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission. Having a license is a guarantee of the integrity of an online casino. Without it, the casino cannot use the gambling software;
  2. Software evaluation. The more different games from the particular provider, the higher its score in the ranking. Providers also affect the position of the site in the top. The best casinos to play for money offer players software from such providers: NetEnt, Microgaming, Quickspin, BetSoft, Igrosoft and others. Typically, the RTP of the most popular slots ranges from 91-98%. This means that most of the bets made are returned to users
  3. The functionality and convenience of the official website is checked. A good casino works quickly and without freezes. In addition, the official site should load equally well on a computer and a phone. The easier it is to use the platform, the higher it gets a rating.
  4. Tests of the casino are conducted. To do this, experts manually register on the official website. They then confirm their identity and make their first deposit. Next, they try to win money, while checking the RTP of the slot Once the above steps have been done, they create a request for withdrawal. If all is well, the casino makes it into the top 10 casinos.

When the above steps have been taken, real user reviews are studied in detail. These reviews are usually a reflection of the players’ experience at a particular online casino, without being highly critical.

What’s important when compiling the top 10 casinos

It can take several months for experts to check a casino. This is because they analyse quite a lot of information. So, what’s important when adding a casino to the ranking:

  • Accessibility for users from CIS The list of the best 2022 casinos to play for real money includes websites with quick registration;
  • Availability of current language. Not every player knows English, so it is important to have different language versions of the site;
  • Reviews from real users. The players’ comments are an unbiased opinion about the functionality and reliability of online casinos. It is the feedback that contains information about the various problems with payments;
  • Convenient payment systems. Make sure that the financial systems used by the casino are popular in the CIS and Europe. They include PayPal, WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, Qiwi, Bitcoin, and others;
  • Bonus system. At the top are the casinos that offer visitors a variety of bonuses without exaggerated wager. Most often these are deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses and free spins.
  • It should be noted that the period of operation on the market also affects the place in the top. If the casino opened only a month ago, it will not be added to the ranking, as it may close at any time. In general, the longer the operator is on the market, the more stable and reliable it will be.

Best Online Casinos by Country and Region

Casino sites are popular in every country in the world without exception. Top 10 most gambling countries in the world:

Country Losses per capita per month
Australia $1.288.00
Ireland $588.00
Canada $568.00
Finland $553.00
Norway $550.00
Russia $540.00
Germany $530.00
India $525.00
Spain $520.00
Italy $500.00

Gambling in Australia

Gambling is so prevalent in Australia that the country’s central bank has been forced to raise interest rates. Online sports betting is allowed in Australia, and slot machines are also common in the country. The state of New South Wales is home to half of the poker slots in the country. With losses of $1,288 per player, 935 players were banned from playing casino games between 2006 and 2010. However, these players were regularly caught violating the ban. In total, they violated the ban more than 1,200 times.

Online casinos in Ireland

The casino industry in Ireland is poorly regulated because of the old Gaming and Lottery Act of 1956. – Gaming and Lottery Act. However, this law cannot be applied in today’s environment due to the currency changes in the country since the Act was passed. Since the country is among the most gambling and the population of the country suffers heavy losses, the government is introducing new measures and laws to regulate this area.

Gambling in Canada

More than 75% of Canadian adults engage in some form of gambling. Popular gambling in Canada includes lotteries of all kinds, including instant ones. The popularity of lotteries in the country has led the government to consider a number of initiatives against giving lottery tickets as gifts to children.

Gambling in Finland

More than 41% of Finnish adults gamble every week, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. In 2011, the government raised to 18 the age at which gambling is allowed. Previously it was only 15. This was done to reduce the number of children involved in gambling.

Gambling in Russia

Bookmakers and betting agencies are allowed to operate in Russia, but not online casinos and real casinos outside special gambling zones. However, this prevents players from visiting online casinos. On 1 July 2009, casinos and gambling halls were banned in Russia. For more than a decade, these establishments have only been allowed to operate in four special zones. However, every Russian can place a bet if he has money and access to the internet.

Gambling in Germany

Until 2008, gambling was not regulated in any way in Germany. Although, in 2008, the state passed the Interregional Gambling Treaty, which banned citizens from participating in online gambling. Technically, this means that Germans don’t have access to sites that allow them to play slots, poker, roulette, blackjack or bet on sports.

In practice, the situation is slightly different. The law in no way prohibits players from betting on websites that have been licensed outside of Germany. Thus, many Germans continue to enjoy their hobby by visiting foreign casinos and betting sites.

Gambling in India

In India, betting on horse racing and lotteries is allowed, but online casinos are banned. Yet the authorities don’t impose restrictions on foreign providers. Thus, more than 500 million active users place any type of betting using the services of operators that are located or registered outside the country.

Gambling in Spain

The law was further amended in 2011. The new provisions, which came into force in mid-2012, made it possible to ensure that the conditions for the development of the gambling industry comply with the current EU regulations. Gambling entertainment has become a significant source of income for the government. The gambling industry generates about 3% of the GDP. Today about 60% of the gambling industry is represented by casinos, about 40% by public lotteries and sports betting.

Gambling in Italy

Despite a sustainable land-based gambling model, the Italian authorities have legalised online gambling. The main aim of legalising online gambling is to generate additional tax revenue. The authorities have granted more than 200 licences with an estimated value of over 300.000 EU (332 000 USD).

It is worth noting that Italian legislation regarding online gambling is strict. For example, for accepting illegal bets operator faces a fine and deprivation of license. Progressive slot machines and progressive roulette are prohibited, so these types of online gambling are not available to Italian players.

Best Games to Play for Real Money

To start playing and making money at an online casino you have to choose your game, which can be slots, poker, table or live dealer games. Read more about the special features of these entertainments below.

Real Money Slots

According to the famous Wikipedia site, «slots» are the sort of virtual casino slot machines that give you the chance to win an amount many times your bet. The aim of the game is to collect a winning combination of symbols by spinning the reels. The better the combination, the bigger the winnings. Many players are interested in where to play online slots for money in 2022, and get paid for it. To do this, you need to choose licensed slots.

Real Money Poker

Video poker is a casino game that is a synthesis of poker and a slot machine. The game is played on a special slot machine, with no croupier involved. The player needs to make a certain poker combination to win. For example, the lowest combination can be a pair of tens (10) and pays 1 to 1. This game is distinguished from poker by the presence of the Joker, a slot-type Wild symbol, which replaces any other card to form a better combination.

Real Money Roulette

To play this game, go to the casino’s website, choose a roulette variety and make an online connection with the live studio where the game is played. The dealer communicates with players in real time. You can talk to him with the help of a special chat window. You can also speak to others involved in the process. In the list above are gambling sites that are popular and have long gained the respect of players. No arguments, there are always those who are unlucky at roulette.

Real Money Blackjack

The main aim of this game is to win, as you can easily guess. And in order to win, you need to score as many points as possible. As a result, you should have the most points of all the people who play with you at the same table, but this number must not exceed 21 points. If you cross this threshold, you’re out of the game.

Having a mobile version is the backbone of a good casino

Technology is constantly evolving, and the online casino market is evolving along with it too. It’s not necessary for you to have a computer to place your bets; a simple mobile phone is all you need. Moreover, it doesn’t matter at all what operating system is installed on the smartphone. Casino websites run equally well on both Android and iOS. Advantages of mobile casinos:

  1. You can bet wherever you like. Your phone allows you to log in to an online casino when you’re in traffic, at work or studying;
  2. Fast start-up. The “pocket” casino is quicker to launch. This is due to the fact that the computer needs to download much more data than the phone. The mobile casino’s interface is fairly straightforward, so even complete beginners will be able to deal with it;
  3. Wide range of entertainment. The mobile casino features all the same games as the full version of the official website. In addition, users are able to run not only classic slots, but also table games;
  4. Using a mobile phone, users are able to make a deposit and order a request wot the withdrawal. In addition, one can contact technical support at any time to solve a problem during the game.


We hope that our top will help players choose the best casinos where it is real to win and withdraw money. To summarize, we can say that this is not the final ranking of the best and most reliable casinos. If there is a new casino, we’ll surely test it and do a review. Also, if you have an opinion about a particular site, write us an email or in the comments.


What is the best online casino for real money?

Depending on the country you live in, you choose the best online casino. Select your country from the list and study the list of the best sites.

When is the best time to play online casino?

Each slot has daily statistics, which are reset to zero every day at a certain time. Usually by this time the slot tries to complete its cycle, so an hour or two before zeroing the slot becomes the most generous, that’s about it:

  • between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m;
  • between 1 p.m and 3 p.m;
  • between 9 p.m. and 12 p.m.

Which online casino has the best payouts?

To choose a casino with a fast payout, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. License;
  2. Comments and feedback from real players;
  3. Privacy;
  4. Technical support service.