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Scratch Games in Online Casino

This type of game is a type of gambling entertainment in which you can open all the closed positions and win if a certain value occurs more than once in the open positions.

What are scratch games?

All scratch games are known for the good old fashioned lottery tickets that have certain fields that have to be cleared by coins. Then you can get the winnings that are indicated under a certain area of the scratch card – that is the scratch game.

In the online casino industry, scratch games can be implemented in a wide variety of ways, thanks to technological advances. You can find games on various sports themes, where there are offers to take any number of tickets to open them all, and then you can kick the goal. Also, given the opportunity to visit the bottom of the sea, on the way opening clam shells, or smash Halloween pumpkins in search of coveted winnings. In addition, you can try your hand in a large number of games, where there are many positions of the closed type, and you will, opening them, to detect similar values. It is in this case you can get the long-awaited winnings.

Obviously, a large variety of games became available after the emergence of virtual casinos, as in offline casinos one is unlikely to scrape fields on tickets, and then still punch a goal to determine with multipliers or additional winnings, not to mention more complicated game variants.

RTP and volatility of scratch games

Instant lotteries can vary enormously in these areas, so it is important to study the characteristics of each individual model.There are games with RTP below 90% and games with theoretical returns of over 98%.Dispersion levels are generally low. Payouts are generally frequent, but many winnings do not exceed the value of the ticket. If jackpot draws are taking place, volatility is probably above average.


A few years ago, it was difficult to predict how the future of this new kind of gambling would unfold. Now we can say with certainty about the success of instant lotteries. They are in demand by customers around the world, and many software developers frequently release new models.Scratch cards attract players with several features at once, including the following:

  • Very simple rules
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Large payouts
  • Extra bonuses
  • A variety of models, and so on.

As for bonuses, repeat bet values can roll out, which allows for an extra free round on the previous bet.