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What features of online casinos do you consider when evaluating a new institution for you? We hope you pay special attention to the following characteristics:

  • Availability of licenses;
  • The authority of the operator;
  • The quality of the software;
  • The choice of gambling games;
  • The general level of service;
  • Availability of different payment systems and so on.

Here the attentive reader must ask the question: “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Indeed, we haven’t mentioned the customer rewards system. Although bonuses are often overrated, it is impossible to imagine the modern gambling industry without them. For many users, it is the presence of promotions of different types that becomes the main criterion for choosing an online casino. The most common type of bonuses still remains the so-called first deposit bonuses. First deposit bonus – additional credits provided by the institution to the new player at his initial deposit. This type of casino bonus is discussed below.

Welcome Bonuses in Casinos

Bonus on the first deposit

The principle of this promotion is very simple. After opening an account, the player deposits the first amount on his balance. Casino thanks him for the registration starter bonus. It is expressed as a percentage of the deposit amount. For example, a 100% bonus of up to one hundred dollars. In this case, the institution doubles the money deposited to the account, but does not exceed the limit. The first deposit bonus can be credited in different ways:

  1. Automatically, without any additional action on the part of the player;
  2. By the bonus code, which should be entered in a special box;
  3. When the customer personally applies to customer support.

Sometimes you have to necessarily go to the casino site through affiliate links. For example, some casinos offer increased bonuses for the readers of Casinoay free spins and no-deposit bonuses. Should take this condition into account when applying.

Bonuses on the next few deposits of newcomers

Many online casinos also offer new customers bonuses on their next few deposits. Usually the invitation package covers no more than the first five deposits, but there have been cases where bonus credits have been credited even for the customer’s ten starting financial transactions. Often they are different. For example:

  1. Deposit – 100% bonus up to $200;
  2. Deposit – 50% bonus up to $100;
  3. Deposit – 75% bonus up to $150;
  4. Deposit – 100% bonus up to $250;
  5. Deposit – 200% bonus up to $200.

These welcome bonuses are just like the 1stdeposit bonus. They, too, must be wagered. They have a minimum deposit amount and a maximum winnings amount. Pay attention to the wager conditions for each individual bonus, even if they are positioned as a single promotion. Odds and additional rules may be different.

Also note that casinos often indicate in the advertising invitation promotions maximum total amount. For example, you can read on the website of the institution about the bonus up to $1,000, but the first deposit can be charged up to one hundred dollars, on the second – up to two hundred, and so on.

Conditions for getting starter bonuses

When participating in starter bonus programs, you need to take into account a few important features of such promotions:

  • Minimum deposit – Invitation bonuses are credited on the condition that the deposit amount is not less than the amount stipulated by the rules. Sometimes it coincides with the minimum deposit allowed in the casino;
  • Maximum payout – Winning on the first deposit bonus can not exceed a certain maximum. If the total payout will be more, the casino will write off the rest;
  • Wager size – In order to get the opportunity to withdraw bonus credits, they need to wager on the so-called Wager. It is expressed by a coefficient (for example, x35), which means how many times the total amount of player bets must exceed the bonus;
  • Available games – Not all games can be wagered. You will find lists of allowed and prohibited models in the casino rules;
  • Counting bets – In some games, bets are partially counted. In the account of the wager can go 50%, 20% or even just 2%;
  • Bet size – Normally, the wagering bonus can not exceed a certain limit. If your bet is higher than allowed, it will not be counted in the wager;
  • Special conditions – Read the rules to the last line. Sometimes casinos have unique requirements for the bonus program, which you will not find in other institutions.

The most important thing to know when receiving and wagering welcome bonuses is to learn all the intricacies of the rules. This approach will save you from possible misunderstandings.

Can casinos deny invitation bonuses?

First deposit bonuses are usually available to all users who meet the institution’s customer requirements. In other words, if you are eligible to sign up and play in the casino for money, you will be able to receive starting deposit bonuses. But in some situations, the institution has the right to refuse to give you bonuses:

  1. Special restrictions – Sometimes online casinos do not credit invitation bonuses to residents of certain countries. Often this is due to the large number of bonus-hunters in these countries or the unwillingness of the portal management to develop in this region.
  2. Expired – Welcome bonuses are active for a limited time. To become the owner of the first deposit bonus, you often need to fund your account for one or two days after registration.
  3. Too small a deposit – If the amount a new player deposits on his balance is less than the stipulated promotion terms, he is not entitled to a bonus.
  4. Not a new account – Invitation bonuses are only for newcomers. Let’s say you have played at a casino before, later blocked your account, and then decided to restore it. In this case, you can not participate in programs for new users.

Before registering, depositing and applying for bonuses, study the general rules of the casino and the terms and conditions of the promotions thoroughly. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to contact support for clarification. It’s better you ask them questions now, than they will make claims to you later.

How to choose the best first deposit bonus?

Let’s understand what you should pay attention to in 2022 when choosing an online casino welcome bonus:

  • The level of the establishment – Even the most generous bonus offered on the most favorable terms is meaningless if it is in a fraudulent casino. Keep in mind that such gambling portals are the ones that lure gullible customers with very attractive promotions.
  • Size as a percentage – No matter what they say, size does matter. Agree that on top of a hundred dollars deposit to get another two hundred is more pleasant than a hundred. We recommend to pay attention to the percentage expression of the bonus in the first place.
  • Amount – The maximum amount of the invitation bonus is especially important for high rollers. If you’re going to play at a casino for big bets, you won’t be interested in a 100% bonus of up to one hundred dollars. However, many establishments do offer significantly increased first deposit bonuses for VIP customers.
  • Deposit Requirement – Usually, the minimum deposit amount required for a bonus is not very large. But fans of the game in the casino at the minimum bet should still pay attention to this point.
  • The higher the vager multiplier, the harder it is to meet the wagering requirements and the more likely it is that you will not be able to cash out the bonus. Therefore, you should give preference to promotions with small multipliers. In addition, clarify exactly what counts for wagering: just the bonus or the amount of bonus and deposit.
  • Available games – If you hate video slots, and wagering the welcome bonus is only allowed on slots, it is hardly worth taking it. Some online casinos offer alternative first deposit bonuses. For example, the customer can choose an offer that applies only to machines or only to card games.
  • Other bans – Often casinos are prohibited from meeting the terms of the wager with a doubling game in video slots or video poker. Betting systems (e.g. Martingale strategy) may also be illegal.
  • Betting Limits – When wagering bonuses you usually cannot go beyond the betting range. It is set for each individual promotion, so always check this point.
  • Expiration date – The wager must be met within a certain period of time. It is always spelled out in the promotion terms and conditions. If you do not have time to wager the bonus, it will be canceled.
  • Related promotions – The first deposit bonus is often accompanied by free spins or other pleasant surprises. Of course, they can be seen as an additional benefit.
  • Possible restrictions – Online casinos may deny bonuses to residents of certain countries and other categories of users. Make sure you meet the requirements that the institution imposes on the participants of bonus programs.

Review the bonus step by step. If it fits your criteria, you can sign up, make a deposit, and apply for the bonus.

Tips for wagering invitation bonuses

So, you liked some bonus. You fit the conditions for its accrual. You are satisfied with its size and the requirements of the wager. Let’s take it step by step and figure out how to wager the bonus to increase the probability of a favorable outcome:

  • Calculate in advance – First, determine how much you have to wager. For example, you received a 200% bonus of up to $100 with a Wager of x20 (bonus plus deposit). To make the most of it, you deposit $50 into your account. Your total balance is now $150 (fifty dollars deposit plus $100 bonus). This amount needs to be wagered twenty times: 150 x 20 = 3000. So you have to put three thousand dollars on the line.
  • Choose games – you need to pick a model with the maximum level of theoretical return. If you thought about blackjack or video poker, you are likely to be disappointed. In such games of chance only a small portion of bets is taken into account (usually no more than 10%). But on slot machines bets are usually counted in full. Therefore advise to find a video slot with the best RTP rate. In some models it exceeds 98%.
  • Keep in mind the variability of the games – Experienced bonus-hunters recommend giving preference to video slots with low variance when wagering bonuses. In this case, your goal is not to wreck a huge score, and to put a certain amount at stake without losing your bankroll. Choose a slot machine with low volatility, guaranteeing a payout in most spins. In this case you are sure you will not wait for the “black bar” that can quickly “eat” all the bonus credits.
  • Do not arouse suspicion – the administration should not suspect a bonus-hunter in you. Even the reputation of the so-called adventive player you do not need. Bonuses on first deposits are officially positioned as free credits, intended to familiarize you with the games. Casinos can’t stand users who come only for bonuses. Therefore, do not overbid, do not try to wager bonuses in unwanted ways and generally do not violate the rules for participating in promotions.
  • Keep track of your progress – Most casinos allow players to keep track of the current status of the bonus balance. Check how much more you need to wager in order to win back the bonus you received. If you think the accounting is being done incorrectly, contact support for clarification.

Remember that the support team exists for your convenience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of their representatives.