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Online casinos in Finland

The booming iGaming industry, which includes all kinds of online gambling entertainment, virtual gambling operators, gaming software developers and providers, as well as binary options trading and cryptocurrency exchanges, is opening up great opportunities for gambling and sports betting to a wide audience of players and bettors around the world.


Meanwhile, among European countries, Finland has one of the highest numbers of registered gambling users. Slots and table games are an integral part of the cultural life of many Finnish citizens. Statistics show that Finns spend an average of £12 (€14) a week on recreational gambling. 78 per cent of Finns play at least once a year, 37 per cent are regular slot machine users, and 15 per cent play slots weekly. That’s why the country is active in preventing gambling addiction, which is sponsored by more than a thousand non-profit organisations.

It should be noted that Finland’s gambling market is monopolised by the state and regulated by the Lotteries Act, which allows only national operators to operate. Today there are three main state-owned organisations operating in the country – Fintoto Oy, RAY and Oy Veikkaus AB. Distinctive features of the Finnish gambling industry are state regulation, consumer protection and directing revenues to social and health care, educational and cultural development, and nature protection in a 43/53/4% ratio.

The range of entertainment presented by companies is able to meet the needs of the most sophisticated gambling enthusiasts and includes a wide selection of classic and the latest slots, lotteries, table and card games, including poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and many others. Casino Suomi is not stingy with bonuses for new and loyal customers who are offered welcome and no deposit bonuses, regular bonus offers, and periodic promotions.

The Сasinoay team has compiled a selection of the best online casinos that accept Finnish players:

The most important things you need to know to choose the right online casino in Finland.

When it comes to Suomi casinos, the following things should be kept in mind:

  • Gambling is legal in Finland
  • Finnish players spend on average £12 (€14) a week on gambling
  • The legislation governing the organisation of gambling is described as ”3+1” with a state monopoly
  • The gambling market is represented by three national and controlled companies: Fintoto Oy, RAY and Oy Veikkaus AB.
  • The most popular type of gambling activity is betting.

Land-based casinos and internet games are controlled by Veikkhaus.

Finnish casinos: Overview

Gambling activities in Suomi are regulated by the Lotteries Act of 23.11.2001/1047, which equates any gambling activity with a form of lottery that allows citizens who are charged a fee to participate to win. The law permits:

  • Cash lotteries;
  • Non-monetary lotteries;
  • Money Boxes;
  • Pools;
  • Gaming machines;
  • Non-monetary prize machines;
  • Gaming and casino games;
  • Guessing games;
  • Bingo.

The Gambling Management Department of the National Police Authority issues separate licences for each type of gambling activity, which are valid for five years. There are three types of licences:

  • For running money lotteries, pools and betting;
  • For the operation of casinos and amusement arcades;
  • For accepting bets on totalizators.

Today, there are four licensed gambling businesses in Suomi. Three of them are state-owned and one is autonomous:

  • RAY operates table games and slot machine halls in land-based casinos;
  • Oy Veikkaus AB is licensed to organise a national lottery, sports betting and instant-win games;
  • Fintoto Oy accepts bets on horse racing;
  • PAF has an autonomous charter and conducts all types of gambling operations in the province.

These state-owned operators are monopolists in the Finnish gambling market.

History of gambling legislation in Finland

The Lotteries Act was enacted on 1 January 1966 and, together with amendments to the Act, it is the only legislation in Finland governing gambling. The Act defines slot machines, casinos and bingo games, which offer users the opportunity to obtain cash prizes or goods, as lotteries and regulates the distribution of revenue to operators to finance charitable activities, social and health care, educational and cultural development and the protection of nature.

Additions and amendments adopted in 2002 provide for compulsory licensing of certain gambling activities, allowing the state to

  • Concentrate efforts on protecting gambling operators;
  • Prevent illegal activities related to organisation of gambling activities;
  • Reduce the negative impact of gambling on citizens and provide means to prevent gambling addiction.

Licences are issued to operators for five years with the possibility of revocation in case of violation of the law in any form.

Finland’s modern casinos

Finland’s state monopoly on gambling in the country has angered the European Union, which has demanded that foreign companies be allowed to operate in the country. Despite pressure from the EU, not a single third-party operator has entered the Finnish gambling market.

Given the lack of a legal ban and penalties against citizens using the services of unlicensed operators, players are free to bet on any foreign site that accepts Finnish citizens.

Online casinos for Finnish players

If you are a Finnish citizen or resident of Finland, choose one of the licensed casinos in Suomi or any of the casinos that accept Finnish players from the list below. Each of the presented online casino is capable of providing an exciting and profitable gambling pastime as a beginner, and experienced player!